We support various different kinds of research and activities in epidemiological studies in relation to the causes of childhood cancers.

We support the researchers affiliated with the universities or other related research organisations. In general, you will be eligible to apply for one of our funding schemes if you work at a university or research institution in any country.

Below are the types of grants we offer currently:

  • Project Grants
  • Student Awards
  • Technological Resource Awards
  • Travel Awards

If you cannot find the right grant scheme for your proposal and you think that we should fund you because your proposal is relevant but different, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project Grants

Project grant scheme provides support for a defined piece of work with objectives that can be achieved in the time specified. Applications are awarded on the basis of scientific excellence, innovation, relevance to epidemiological population studies on the external factors leading to childhood cancers and potential impact on policy and practice.

At this point we are not taking any applications for gene-environment and clinical studies.

Applications will be accepted from scientists, health care workers, universities and some research institutions.

The project applications of all applicants are sent to external referees. Their comments will be taken into account but will not directly affect the final decision.

The funding committee meets three times a year, March, July and November to make a decision on the applications.

Pre-conditions for the decisions are:

Assessments of eligibility is done and successful, and
Comments from the external referees received

The applicants will be informed of decisions shortly after the committee meeting.

Student Awards

CCE Research Alliance may fund in full or reduced awards for distance learning students registered for Diploma, MSc and short courses with reputable institutions.

Applicants for the student awards are required to apply their skills in a project defined by the CCE Research Alliance. The projects are defined case by case basis, depending on the course type and the country of residence. The projects are defined within the interest of the student and CCE Research Alliance.

Technological Resource Awards

CCE Research Alliance may fund in full or reduced awards for technologies such as software or hardware used in statistical research.

Travel Awards

CCE Research Alliance may fund research staff apply for travel awards to attend scientific meetings and conferences. You must be making a presentation (either poster or oral) at the meeting, and that abstract for the presentation must have been accepted at the time of application. If the abstract not accepted at the time of application, the award may be considered conditionally.

CCE Research Alliance strongly encourages students and junior researchers to attend scientific meetings and conferences. Normally, one person from a group is supported.

All requests for travel awards to attend scientific meetings or conferences must be made personally by the grant holder well in advance of the meeting (at least one month before) and should include a copy of the conference programme, the title of the paper, accepted abstracts and a full breakdown of costs. All materials are to be submitted as electronic copies.

Applicants are considered individually on merit and may be awarded full or reduced.