About Us

CCE Research Alliance is a charity registered in England and Wales (registered charity number 1130106) to support epidemiological research and studies focusing on the causes of childhood cancers. We are an independent global non-for-profit organisation, headquarters being in the UK.

Our research interests are:

  • First time diagnosis
  • Relapses
  • Late effects

Registered Charity Number: 1130106

We are governed by our Memorandum (for a copy, please contact us)

Our trustees are:
Dr Karin S.-Wuest MD PhD Grad IOSH – Karin.Wuest@cce-researchalliance.com
Dr Meltem Ocal Kogelbauer, PhD – Meltem.Kogelbauer@cce-researchalliance.com
Sarah Nuttall – Sarah.Nuttall@cce-researchalliance.com

We are expanding the number of trustees. If you are interested becoming a trustee please contact us.

Our primary communication method is direct email to above addresses or info@cce-researchalliance.com or the contact form on the website. Your queries are replied within three working days.

What we do
Why we exist

Our history can be found on Monty's Corner - Our history